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Luxury skincare without the long routine. Apply once and go about your day (or night).

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Ditch the 30+ Minute face care routine with THE WORLD’S FIRST SEQUIOA CREAM

Introducing the worlds first sequoia extract cream. Our advanced formulas rejuvenate, illuminate, and firm facial skin through our proprietary blend of potent sequoia tree extract and organic botanicals.

All in one (or two) bottles.

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Why try Sequoia Skin?

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Only Natural Ingredients

  • Paraben Free

  • 100% Vegan

Moisturizing, Firming, and Wrinkle Smoothing Night Care

Beauty Night

Introducing Beauty Night face cream. A rich combination of potent ingredients that will firm and hydrate while you sleep. Active ingredients Jojoba Oil and Biotin work together to stimulate cell regeneration and reduce inflammation.

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Moisturizing, and Firming For Mature Skin

Bella Night

Introducing our Bella Night Cream, the strongest face cream we carry. Particularly suitable for mature and dry skin, even those with neurodermatitis. Active ingredients of lipoic acid, almond oil, and sequoia extract absorb deep into the skin's layers to firm and smooth wrinkles.

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  • 1. Harvesting

    We take the bark and cones that have fallen from the tree to extract the serum used in our creams. This process was developed by a team of renowned German Pharmacists headed by Dr. Kindler Doleschel

  • 2. Formulating

    We combine Sequioa extract with active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Biotin, Almond oil and many more. These combinations create an all natural cream that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, protects skin, and a variety of other benefits.

  • 3. Packaging

    When developing the cream, we used only the best quality ingredients. That's why our high-quality cream also deserves a high-quality airless dispenser.

    Here are the advantages of our airless dispenser in detail:

    • It protects the cream from external influences such as light and air. There is no oxidation, so no germs can multiply, as with other pump dispensers. The cream has a long shelf life even without artificial additives.
    • It is leak-proof and guarantees an extremely high residual emptying rate of 98.9%.
    • The dispenser contains no propellant gas and works completely under vacuum. This makes 360° use possible.
  • 3. Shipping

    After our success in our home country, Germany, we wanted to expand to the USA. That's why we opened up a warehouse here to make it faster for our customers to receive orders.

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