The Secret Healing Ingredient Inside Sequoia Trees

The Secret Healing Ingredient Inside Sequoia Trees

In 2021, a study published in "Stem Cell Research & Therapy," scientists discovered something amazing about the healing properties of the giant sequoia tree. Inside the extract of the bark was a component called shikimic acid.

A team of researchers thought that this shikimic acid might be able to turn regular skin cells into special kind of cells called skin-derived precursors, or SKPs for short. These SKPs are really good at helping skin repair itself, but they're usually hard to get from the skin directly.

The scientists took the shikimic acid from the giant sequoia and put it on human skin cells. The skin cells began to start acting like those special SKPs cells that help skin repair. They tested this on skin models made in the lab and found that it helped heal wounds better and made the skin stronger.

Also, when they tested this on actual skin, they noticed that the skin started producing more collagen, which is like a building block that makes skin strong and healthy. Plus, the skin cells started showing signs of being more like stem cells, which are super cells that can turn into different types of cells.

In simpler terms, the scientists found that a special ingredient from the giant sequoia tree can help skin cells become better at healing and strengthening skin, which is a pretty exciting. 

The Shikimic acid compound, among other ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin A & E, and many more, are the reason our creams are so effective and unique. 

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