The Inventors…

Hi! I'm Tanja Kindler, proud CEO of Sequoia skin. However, the true visionary behind our remarkable products is none other than my mother, Dr. Sabine Kindler-Doleschel who has a doctorate in dermatology. She has delved deep into the secrets of the Sequoia Giganteum tree– those mighty California redwoods that glamorously defy the odds and withstand the test of time.

Armed with determination and a handful of brilliant German pharmacists, she worked tirelessly for 12 long years, crafting and perfecting the secret formula behind this magnificent cream.

Initially, I never planned to dive headfirst into the world of skincare. In fact my sights were set on pursuing my acting career. Whenever I faced the camera, Sequoia skin worked its magic, granting me an enviable complexion that left my fellow actresses curious about my skin "secret." Well, I was happy to share my expert knowledge! 

I took a plunge and founded my very own company, Ahalani GmbH.

The Creation…

The extraordinary Sequoia trees possess a gift—the ability to heal its own wounds without a trace. Picture it: a bark that seals away any external harm, bidding farewell to nicks, cracks, and burns. It's nature's remarkable resilience encapsulated in what we call the sequoia "essence."

Our team gathers this well-kept secret essence from fallen Sequoia seeds and cones,  infusing it with the nurturing power of Aloe Vera and a touch of Titanium Dioxide for impeccable UV protection. The result is an enchanting symphony of nature's finest ingredients, blended harmoniously to craft an all-natural skin cream.

In fact, it goes beyond the surface, delving deep below to unlock the secret to radiant, youthful skin. With its ethereal moisturizing effect that transcends words, it’s an experience that can only truly be understood when felt upon your skin!

Sequoia luxury facial care, meticulously crafted for all skin types, delivers a personalized experience like no other.

Our Proud Origins…

Our commitment goes beyond skin care alone. We wholeheartedly embrace German manufacturers and service providers, handpicking the very best. Ahalani GmbH not only aims to create and offer vegan luxury facial care, driven by inspiring women, but we also stand tall with our holistic "Made in Germany" approach.

We invite any feedback you may have, and hope you love our product as much as we do.

Thank you!
Tanja Kinder

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