What is Sequoia Extract?

The bark of the sequoia tree, much like our skin, is the first line of defense against the outside world. But unlike our skin, sequoia trees are MADE to experience extreme outside damage, as produced during forest fires. It's true, their seeds actually cant germinate until heat is directly applied, releasing them from their outer shells.

Although our skin growth is similar to sequoia bark, Sequoias have developed better rejuvenation capabilities than us due to a 200 million year period of adapting to forest fires. That's what led Medical Dr. Sabine Kindler-Doleschel (Doctorate in Dermatology), to dedicate 12 years of her life to developing an all organic face cream extracted from the seeds, cones, and fallen bark of the sequoia tree.

Who is Dr. Kindler-Doleschel and how did she develop Sequoia Skin?

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